1. Kubikoff Icon Dimple Closed
    Kubikoff Icon Dimple Closed

  2. Kubikoff Icon Dimple
    Kubikoff Icon Dimple

  3. Kubikoff Icon Dimple Pop
    Kubikoff Icon Dimple Pop

  4. Kubikoff Icon Dimple Tailored
    Kubikoff Icon Dimple Tailored




The Dimple chair shell's structural design was inspired by an eclectic mix of old, vintage race car seats and golf ball patterns. The union of the two concepts has created a comfortable and highly ergonomic body, with a modern, vibrant aesthetic. The Dimple shell's solid, sturdy structure, that will hold it upright even on a windy day, the surfaces, designed for easy cleaning and drying, and its ability to remain cool even in warm weather, make this shell ideal for outdoor use. The use of fewer materials makes it light, therefore easy to move, and transport, as well as reducing production costs. This innovative shell will look smart in any environment, offering a new perspective from every angle.

The Icon base is so innovative, that it challenges the basic concept of a makeshift chair: the structure of ash wood, cut to look natural, consists of connections studied in detail, to create a sophisticated, functional design.

Created from the union of two of the designerSander Mulder's idea, Icon Dimple is genius in its purest form, a functional product with a strong originality, that leaves a lasting impression in any environment. The Dimple Holes series will be available from November 2014.

© Icon base design by Sander Mulder.
© Dimple Holes shell design by Sander Mulder.