Interchangeability, this is the word which best expresses Kubikoff’s philosophy of chairs that can be fully customized. A chair for everyone! **

The Dimple Design

The Dimple chair design by Sander Mulder was inspired by an eclectic mix of vintage race car seats and golf ball patterns. The result is a comfortable and highly ergonomic body, with a modern, vibrant aesthetic. The Dimple chair’s mesmerizing hole pattern gives everyone a proper point to grip on, makes it less prone to tipping over on a windy day, allows for easy drying after rain and allow it to remain cool even in hot weather, all of which make this the perfect chair for both indoor and out- door use. The innovative hole pattern also makes use of less materials, while maintaining strength and ergonomics, and this makes it lighter and therefore more easy to daily handle, and transport. The innovative Dimple chair that offers a new tantalizing look from every angle will complement any interior with its timeless aesthetics.

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