Kubikoff Srl was launched in 2004 by the Lemson Brothers. Kubikoff Srl is a company that is making its way in the field of design, thanks to modern and innovative ideas, and a high-quality production. Kubikoff Lab designs and creates products that are constructed with a careful attention to details, using the newest techniques, to guarantee the highest comfort and functionality.

At the heart of Kubikoff Lab are the master upholsterers, who pad and line the entire collection. Kubikoff upholstery is entirely handmade, with extreme attention to trims and finishing details, and to the selection of the most innovative materials and fabrics, to guarantee comfortable, functional and elegant products. Combined with the great professionalism, and technical knowledge of the Kubikoff Lab master upholsterers, are the innovative ideas of European designers, who apply their efforts to design modern, captivating furnishing elements.

The designers collaborating with Kubikoff map out the guidelines of the collection, starting from the base of the chairs and armchairs, which join flawlessly with the elements designed by Kubikoff Lab, creating products with a unique personality, suitable for a domestic use, as well as the contract market. The contribution given by emerging Italian artists, enriches the Kubikoff products, adding a touch of flair and a unique vale.

Step into the Kubikoff world, and you'll find versatile, functional, contemporary designs, that are as innovative as they are affordable.


Kubikoff design chair team

The large façade of a production plant conceived and materialized as a monumental work. The Cattedrale della Luce was designed in 1969 by Giuseppe Calonaci and built in 1970-71 in Barberino Val d'Elsa, in Le Grillaie, with a special processing of Pre-stressed reinforced concrete, under the expert guidance of the architect Enzo Del Zanna.

The team

Kubikoff design chair team

The Kubikoff family has grown stronger over the years, becoming a tested and thight-knit team under every aspect. Young and dynamic, the Kubikoff team is the perfect example of the fusion between local energies, with several members coming from the Valdelsa area, and the cultural diversity offered by collaborators from all over Europe, who bring their vision and their experiences in the company.