Kubikoff is a company that is making its way in the field of contemporary design, thanks to innovative ideas and high-quality production. Kubikoff creates products that are constructed with careful attention to details, using the newest techniques. Products with a unique personality, suitable for domestic use, as well as the contract market. Step into the Kubikoff world.


Step into the Kubikoff world, and you'll find versatile, functional, contemporary designs, that are as innovative as they are affordable.


At the heart of Kubikoff Lab are the master upholsterers, who pad and line the entire collection. Kubikoff upholstery is entirely handmade, with extreme attention to trims and finishing details, and to the selection of the most innovative materials and fabrics, to guarantee comfortable, functional and elegant products. Combined with the great professionalism, and technical knowledge of the Kubikoff Lab master upholsterers, are the innovative ideas of European designers, who apply their efforts to design modern, captivating furnishing elements.