Gino Lemson

Gino Lemson was born in 1972 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As a child Gino enjoyed drawing and painting, academic subjects were not his favourite! After finishing an education in graphic design Gino began working as a printer. Aged 20, Gino and his brother opened a small furniture shop called GM Living Style. Here Gino began working on designs for chairs and sofas and went on to develop proto-types. A few years later Gino and Matthieu opened their furniture factory called Nuevo which specialized in the production of upholstered products.

Nuevo became a successful company and the "Piaceri" model designed by Gino became a best seller. Gino went on to develop several new designs for upholstered products for Nuevo and worked with designers such as Hans Kolpa. In 2004 Gino and Matthieu established Kubikoff srl and Gino realized his first model for the Kubikoff brand, the "Kubo".