Francesca Landi

Born in Siena, 1995. She has been designing and taking photographs since she was very young, when she began experimenting with creative make-up sessions, photo shoots and subsequent processing to bring an alternative image, alien compared to the human figure, to the light. Her personal creative research is called Alien Portraits. Some of her works are currently on display at the Settevolte gallery in Colle Val d’Elsa, Siena.She recently exhibited at the Roa Gallery in London.

For Kubikoff, accepting the invitation of the Lemson brothers, Francesca Landi has created a collection of designs inspired by fairy-tales to customise the upholstery of the D-Light chair. Analysing the elements of classic fairy-tales with female lead characters, she has created a high-impact and vaguely dark design inspired by comic strips and tattoos.