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PuraDiamond Rocking

About Diamond

The Diamond base is inspired by the facets of a cut diamond, creating a similar play of light. A simply sophisticated piece of furniture, perfect for modern and minimalist settings. The purity of the concept, and the high-quality design, combined with complex lines that create a light and luminous metal structure, creating a modern and sophisticated silhouette.

From €109
Kubikoff Chair Diamond Dimple
Kubikoff Chair Diamond Dimple
Kubikoff Chair, Kubikoff Table Diamond, Tailored Dimple Chair Collection
Kubikoff Chair Diamond Dimple Tailored Upholstered
Kubikoff Chair Diamond Dimple Golf Ball Inspired

Dimple Pop Acquario Leather

Dimple Shell


Shell colour – White

Dimple Closed Shell

Base colourBlack

Diamond Base



Stolt Design

Stolt Design is a young and open-minded design trio based in Oslo, Norway. Stolt Design is created by three fellow students graduated from the department of Product Design, at Akershus University College. The designers share both knowledge and passion for their work.They approach their designs from a problem solving point of view, and work to design long-lasting products to market with an eye for quality, functionality and high user value. Stolt Design uses the company as a platform to promote both individual and collective work, and uses each other for quality assurances of the designs.

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